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What does MoveUP Skills do?

The company’s mission is to create more workable workplaces for all people by helping organizations build positive work cultures.

What do you get with a positive work culture?

  • Great company reputation

  • A pool of talented people eager to work for you

  • Motivated employees who contribute and innovate

All of that contributes to an organization’s bottom line.

Sounds great, right? Because it is great. It also takes strategy, focus, and work to get a positive work culture and keep it.

MoveUP Skills provides employee development courses for you to deploy across your organization. Employees learn skills that are important for supporting your company’s core values. Those skills improve work relationships and allow your workers to participate in a culture where dignity and trust are valued.

Your skilled employee base supporting your core values every day is what allows you, and the entire workforce, to focus their best energy on doing their best work.


Are you a business looking for ways to support a positive work culture?

MoveUP Skills offers online courses that help employees develop the professional skills that improve work relationships and support a positive culture at work.
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Meet Sara

MoveUP Skills Founder

My name is Sara Pehrsson. I’ve been working in the learning and development field since 2001. 

​I’ve spent that time working with organizations large and small. That means I’ve had lots of practice working with people on project teams, and I’ve used that experience to explore what makes work relationships work better. I also stay up-to-date on learning science, so I know how to build courses that motivate learners and are effective at creating behavior change.

My belief is that everyone deserves a workplace where they are treated with dignity and respect. I am helping individuals stand up for that right by giving them the skills that empower them and make them valuable in the workplace. I help organizations create those workplaces by supporting a standard that all employees are able and willing to live up to.